LENDERS COMPLIANCE GROUP is the first, full-service, mortgage risk management firm in the United States.


Organization Description

LENDERS COMPLIANCE GROUP and its affiliates, BROKERS COMPLIANCE GROUP,SERVICERS COMPLIANCE GROUP, and VENDORS COMPLIANCE GROUP are the country’s first full-service, mortgage risk management firms in the United States devoted to offering a full suite of services in residential mortgage banking to banks and nonbanks, independent mortgage professionals, and mortgage servicers. These are national firms, specializing exclusively in legal and regulatory mortgage compliance guidance and mortgage banking services. is the first full-service, mortgage risk management firm in the country, specializing exclusively in mortgage compliance and offering a full suite of hands-on and automated services in residential mortgage banking for banks and nonbanks.

Our organization consists of Directors, Attorneys, Group Administrators, Compliance Consultants, Subject Matter Experts, Staff, and Strategic Alliances. We act as a team, bringing our knowledge, experience, research, and expertise to our clients.

Our risk management team consists of professionals with proven knowledge, experience, and expertise in mortgage banking who have worked at some of the largest loan originators in the country as well as federal and state agencies.

Our team members have held these titles:

* Chief Compliance Officer
* General Counsel
* Deputy Commissioner, Banking Department
* Compliance Counsel
* Compliance Manager
* Regulator (federal and state)
* Senior Examiner (federal and state)
* Operations EVP
* Underwriting EVP

LENDERS COMPLIANCE GROUP OF COMPANIES' professionals and support staff have extensive experience in risk management in all areas of legal and regulatory compliance affecting a variety of needs in the residential mortgage industry.


* Mortgage Bankers
* Mortgage Brokers
* Federally Regulated Banks
* State Chartered Banks
* Members NCUA
* Mortgage Company Subsidiaries
* Mortgage REITs
* Warehouse Banks
* Correspondent Lenders
* Wholesale Lenders
* Servicers
* Investors
* HUD-DE Mortgagees

Our clients come from all areas of the mortgage banking community, privately owned or publicly traded. Because we are proficient in conventional and government lending programs, the guidelines promulgated by government-sponsored entities, investors, and federal and state regulatory agencies, we are a first choice for risk management solutions.